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Join GirlRO’S G FORCE Fan Club Support Team

Join GirlRO’S G FORCE Fan Club Support Team

“A conversation between the parents who lost a son to suicide and the comic book’s author, sparked the idea for “GirlRO’S” the comic book story. It includes solutions to help struggling young people first priority, who are suffering every day with emotional problems. “GirlRO’S” intervention prevention theory will be used by the “G FORCE” Fan Club Support Team to assist, as the team’s local areas eyes and ears.” says the author.

“GirlRO’S” G FORCE” fan club support team is open to all females, and young men under 18, who support the “GirlRO’S” mission. You, too, can be part of this project. Visit www.Girlros.Com   or e-mail girlros@girlros.com, info@girlros.com,   gforce@girlros.com, to learn how to get involved.

G Force Fan Club Members Share Special Perks Such As Exclusive Music, Merchandise Insider News, And More Not Available To The Public, Besides Special Perks “G Force” Team Club Members Are Ask To Be Involved With Helping “GirlRO’S” With Their Intervention Prevention Mission Of Providing Members Local Area Support As The Eyes And Ears, If They See Something, Say Something And Show Compassion, Is G Force’s Motto.

“To Combat Ultimate Evil, That Use Fear To Create Hate To Control Haters, Where As Ultimate Good, Uses Courage To Creates Love And Free Will That Always Trumps Evil,  Which Is The End Game Of “GirlRO’S”

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